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Nostalgia Power model


Yours truly with my 'nostalgia' free-flight power model 'STOMPER'

A design by Goerge Fuller published in about 1952

I managed to win a British Power competition with it at North Luffenham in 2004

Mini Vintage model

My ageing Hep-Cat, it's been in one or two fly-offs but I've not managed to win one yet. I looked good at the British Nationals when I went up in the same piece of air as the eventual winner Phil Ball but I fell out of the side of the lift and was soon down whilst Phill soared on to win.

My Open Rubber Job 0-3

This is my old unrestricted Open Rubber model, 42 inch wingspan with a three foot long tube containing the rubber motor.  Then there is an extension to the fuselage carrying the tailplane.

The weight of the airframe is about 110gms and is usually flown with about 90gms of rubber

The rubber motor is made up of 14 strands of 1/4 in windy weather and 12 strands of 1/4 in good conditions.

The model has now been modified to conform to the new BMFA Rubber Model spec which only allows 50gms of rubber which I use in 12 strands of 1/4.

This is my latest BMFA Rubber Model, a little more slender initially with a smaller prop using 50gms of rubber, 12 strands of 3/16.

I have now increased the prop size and pitch as the turns spun off too quickly and I now use 14 strands of 3/16 and the model performs better, but I think I will up the prop size again and go to 12strands of 1/4 like my old model.


Webmaster piles on the turns on 0-4 the latest BMFA Rubber model

My Vintage Wakefields

Dick Kord'a's winner in  1939

 Ted Evans Jaguar, winner in 1948

Bournemouth Classic Rubber



My 'Last Resort' a model by Jim Bagley and one of the Bournemouth Classic  Rubber designs